Pumping Repairs

Is Your Septic Pump Damaged?

Turn to Metro Septic Services for septic system repairs in or around Terrell & Forney, TX

Electric septic pumps can break down because of faulty or corroded wires. When this happens, your pipes could get clogged, leading to backflow problems. Luckily, Metro Septic Services handles septic pump repair services for residential and commercial clients in Terrell & Forney, TX and the surrounding areas.

Our team will inspect your septic pump to find the source of the issue. Then, we'll fix it as quickly as possible. You'll have a working septic pump again in no time.

Call 972-524-3627 now to schedule septic system repairs.

Know the signs that your septic pump is damaged

Know the signs that your septic pump is damaged

It isn't always obvious when you need septic system repairs. Your septic pump may be damaged if...

You've noticed foul odors around your property
You have patches of lush, green grass in your yard
Your sinks, showers or bathtubs are draining slowly

If you notice any of these signs, contact us right away to arrange for septic pump repair services.